Stop Motion Animation Beginners – T1 Course (SUMMER 2020)


Stop Motion Animation Beginners – T1 Course (SUMMER 2020)

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Foundations of Animation in Stop Motion is a Tier 1 beginners course. It is designed to take an absolute beginner through the various setup ups, animation styles, and beginners level animation exercises. The course lasts 8 weeks and you have up to 1 year to complete. Upon completion the student will earn their Tier 1 Certification in the “Beginners Animation in Stop Motion” Certification. This certification will allow the student to be eligible for the Tier 2 Course and advance toward the Tier 2 Certification. There are a total of 3 Tiers in the Beginners series of Stop Motion Certification offered by Stop Motion University upon completion of all 3 the student will earn an “Animation Essentials in Stop Motion” Certificate.

What is offered:

  • History (Intro to Stop Motion History)
  • Cinema/TV standards and practices
  • Basic Camera / Basic Lighting / Basic Setup / Basic Delivery
  • The Rights and Wrongs of Stop Motion Animation (Best Practices)
  • Intro to Animation Styles
  • Animation Exercises in Clay, Paper, Pixelation, & Found Objects.
  • Interaction with fellow students through discussion group chats.
  • Access to Instructor for advice and mentoring.
  • Final Project for Certification.

Who this Course is For:

From the absolute beginner to the person who has a little knowledge and practice in animation. This course is for you! Students will be educated in the process and practices of stop motion animation using the core principles of animation. Upon completion of this course the student should be able to plan, setup, and execute a number of animation techniques and movements. The course is a great option for those students that have no knowledge or have some knowledge but are having difficulties executing a more professional look in their performance and delivery of their personal works.

What a Student can Expect:

The Foundations of Animation in Stop Motion Course is 1 of 3 in a series of beginner courses each lasting 3 to 6 months in time. Students who signup to this course will have access to exclusive lessons only available to students of the course as well as fellow student interaction through a private chat group setup for the course and access to instructor mentoring. Upon completion of the 3 tiered courses a student should have a well rounded knowledge of the basics and processes of making a stop motion animated film along with how to animate such films. This Course (Tier 1) focuses on the essential animation techniques.

The Lessons:

The Tier 1 Course will cover the basics of movement and animation in a series of both text lessons and instructional video lessons. Though there will be quizzes and homework the student can expect to earn their certificate through class participation, completion of assignments along with completion of their final project.


There are many software and device options available to students all over the world. However the most basic requirement is the ability to take images using a camera, phone, or tablet and then be able to upload the videos to a streaming service such as YouTube. There are many free softwares out there that allow you to use either a computer, tablet, or phone. The use of equipment is solely up to the student. This is to both safe on cost for the course along with allow the student to take the class anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access. The course is 100% online.


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