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    John Ikuma

    Hi all, Please feel free to ask your questions and discuss the various types of clay animation. You can also post links to your projects and feel free to share your work.


    Hey admin! I guess I’ll be the first to post on clay animation. Here’s a link to a clay-on-glass project I’ve been doing with my intro-level students for a number of years to teach the painstaking process of lip-sync.

    We start with an interview and that hovers around a certain topic and a handful of self-port sketches. From there we launch into three weeks of breaking down phonemes, rough story planning/thumbnails and sculpting on glass.

    We’re using Adobe Audition to record/edit the audio (though any video editing program will do) and Dragonframe to break down the lip-sync, assign phonemes and frame capture. The cameras are Canon Rebels with Nikon lenses (to avoid flicker) with a polarizing filter (to reduce glare), on an old-school copystand and a couple of $15 LED lights.

    John Ikuma

    Cool Steve!


    I really enjoyed that Steve, that’s cool.. great stuff..

    I want to do an interview type animation on animals at an asylum, maybe for Halloween, commenting on the effects of psychotropic medications..and life commentaries..

    I have got a clay animation done, but not sure how to upload onto here from google drive..


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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