There are a lot of softwares on the market from which you can do stop motion animation with. We specifically will be using what is called a “Frame-Grabber” animation software for this course. They range from free softwares to professional level ones that cost hundreds of dollars. Also, you have to pair the software with either the computer or phone you are using. Please check the manufacturers of the software with the compatibility of your computer, phone, and or camera since not everything works soundly together. The easiest set-up however is a smart phone with a stop motion app. Web cameras and computers also tend to be easy setups. DSLRs however can be a nightmare if you get one which doesn’t have a live preview output or cannot be controlled by a computer. Once again, check the software manufacturer before making any purchases for this course.

If you are using a iphone or Android phone for this course you can get an app for free called “stop motion” also known as “stop motion studio” throught the respecting app store.

List of Frame Grabbers:

Helium Frog (Free) –

Animator HD (Paid) / Animator DV (Free) –

Boinx iStop Motion (Paid) –

ZU3D (Paid) –

Stop Motion Pro (Paid) –

Dragon frame (Paid) –

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