Selecting A Computer:

If you are to make animation using the power of a personal computer you will give yourself a lot of access to features not found on smart phones or tablets. Also the storage capability of using a computer will be an advantage. The downside of this is finding the right combination of computer, camera, and software. The other advantage is the access to tools such as editing, post, and audio softwares along with production planning tools and script writing programs.

Types of Computers:

PC’s – PC’s stand for Personal Computers. They are all categorized in one lump definition. Yes a Windows and Mac computer are considered PC’s. The manufacturer of the operating system is often the key in understanding the type of PC you are using.

Laptops – A laptop is a personal computer that is mobile and gives you the ability to move the computer from one location to another.

Types of Operating Systems:

Operating systems are what your computer uses to function. It is essential that you understand that there are two types of operating systems. The OS and iOS/Android. The OS is standard operating system found on most computers. iOS and Android mobile operating systems are typically found on smart phones, tablets, and some special laptops like Chrome Books.

Windows – The Windows operating system comes in many versions. Windows is made by Microsoft and comes pre-installed on most standard PC’s.

MAC OSX – Apple produces both computers and operating systems that work together to offer a stable system integration. They typically label these as OSX and also come in many versions.

LINUX – Linux is an open source free operating system that can be installed on most PC’s. It is limited in the amount of softwares available to it but offers a free operating system that can give you many choices when faced with a tight budget.

ANDROID – This operating system is found on Android supported smart phones and tablets.

iOS – Apples has their own mobile operating system called iOS which is installed on all of their iPhones and iPads.

Selecting a System:

The most important thing you need to consider is the functionality of your equipment. Especially your computer system. First thing to know is that the Apple Mac computers and OS are the industry standard systems in the United States. Windows PC’s are used more in Computer Generated Animation (CGI/3D) worldwide. Yet in the stop motion animation industry the Macs are the king due to their ease of use and stability. For this course you just need to be able to capture an image sequence and output it to a streaming service via the internet. So a standard Windows PC or Smart Phone will do just fine. Also, consider buying cheap used Apple machines if that’s what you desire but be careful because the software manufacturers may require a newer machine and OSX.

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