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Welcome to the ABC’s of Animation Course. This course is designed for absolute beginners with zero knowledge of how to do animation. The course is a certificate program in which Kid’s and their Parents can learn and play together in producing animations. The main part of this course is built from the T1 – Stop Motion Beginners Course which is designed for adults. That being said because of the lesson and how they are structured students of the ABC’s Course and their parents have a unique ability to do this course at their own pace and within 6 months. This is plenty of time to go through all the exercises. Because the ABC’s course is directed towards youth learning the lessons have no restrictions on project submission. This means a student and parent can go through the whole course and not have to submit any project examples if they don’t feel like it. There is one exception however and if a student wants to earn their ABC’s of Animation certificate they will need to submit the final exercise/project.

The course is structured to have Lesson Modules and within each of these sections are specific Topics in relation to the lessons. The course is made up of both text instruction and video instruction along with info graphics and examples. Students and Parents will not just be limited to the instruction material in the course. They will also be able to have mentorship by the instructor along with access to a students only discussion area where they can share their films with other students.

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