3D Printing for Stop Motion Course

3D Printing for Stop Motion Course
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3D printing has become popular as a method for producing all sorts of props, puppets, and molds for many stop motion feature and television productions. So what’s all the hype? For one thing the use of a 3D printer gives you the unparalleled advantage of producing visually stunning and unique items without the complication, problems, and costs associated with making props and puppets for animation. With the Stop Motion University “3D Printing for Stop Motion Course” we will start from the basics of what and how to utilize a computer setup for design and visualization and journey through the various techniques used in 3D printing to produce objects. Then we will study how to produce these items and how to properly problem solve the worst case scenarios. Many of the subjects we will study will be associated with facial replacement animation, mold making for stop motion, and prop building. The course is 100% Online!!!!

What the Course Covers:

  • What is 3D Printing and How it is Used.
  • Different Types of Printers
  • Materials (Overview)
  • Problem Solving your Setup
  • Design (Basics to Advance)
  • Software Options and Overviews
  • Facial Animation Setup
  • 3D Printed Molds
  • Props, Props, Props…
  • Hard Surface Puppet Design
  • From Computer to Reality
  • Much More…

Where is this Course Held:

This course is 100% online. You just need a computer to access the content.

What you will need for the Course:

Because the course is online you will need a computer or smart device to access the content. Also, because we are teaching you how to use a 3D printer you will also eventually need a 3D printer or be able to order a 3D print from an online or local service in your area to complete the course. Alternatively we will accept an completed STL file and GCode for the final of the course.


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