Animation Producing Essentials – T3a Course

Animation Producing Essentials – T3a Course

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 The Animation Producing Essentials Course (T3a – Certificate) takes the student from the beginning to the end of production and addresses the many faceted elements that make up an animated production (Focuses is diverse and can be applied to Stop Motion, 2D, and CGI Animation). This 100% online course offers you online lessons through text, video, and teach / student interaction.

Only requirement is an internet connection!!!

This course focuses on the ups and downs of producing / directing animated productions and is meant for the independent artist, independent contractor, aspiring producer / director, or freelancer who struggles with the many problems faced in production.

The course is self paced so you can work around your schedule and take the classes in your leisure. You have lifetime access to this course and its content as long as the school exists.

Here’s a question for you… What’s the number one killer of animated productions? 

Answer—- Structure and lack of knowledge!

This course is all about structure, planning, and building a production from pre-production through production to post-production and completion of an animated project. This information is valuable if you are planning your own productions or working as a artist, producer, or director for a studio or as a freelance artist producing content for clients.

We cover Artist/Client relations… 

Ever have a client ask you how much your work will cost and not know how to answer them and close the deal? Well we cover this and many other nightmare scenarios when dealing with clients who can literally wreck your production dreams and cost you both time and money.

Subjects Covered:

  • Animation in its Many Forms
  • Commercials / Music Videos
  • Feature Film / Television Production
  • Freelancing!
  • Production Overview (Pre. Pro, Post)
  • Scheduling for Success!
  • Softwares (Production Software Overview)
  • Animation as an Commercial Medium
  • Live Action and Animation Production Overview
  • International Budget Comparisons
  • Planning and Management
  • Client/Artist Relations
  • Studio Producing
  • Hollywood vs. Artists (Which one are you?)
  • Pre-Production
    • Scripting to Budgeting
  • Production
    • Building Dreams to Managing Projects
  • Post-Production
    • Fixing Disasters to Doing it Right!
  • Money Do’s and Dont’s
  • Managing a Crew
  • Doing it Solo-Getting the Job Done from Start to Finish
  • Legal Topics (Clients, Contracts, and You)
  • Selling and Pitching your Project also Getting the Client/Job

Earn Your Certificate in Animation Producing Essentials T3a 

This course offers a certificate to those students whom complete the course and its final. The Essential Animation Production Certificate T3a is one of a three part certificate pathway offered by Stop Motion University. Taking three certificate courses offered by Stop Motion University earns you the schools highest certificate in Stop Motion Animation Production!

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