Animation Boot Camp (Winter 2020)

Animation Boot Camp (Winter 2020)
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Stop Motion University is offering Animation Boot Camp (Winter 2020) for those individuals interested in learning Stop Motion Animation. 

What is this course?

This course is a 4 class live session online that equals a total of 8 hours of instruction. Each class is held on every Saturday in January 2020 and will last roughly 2 hours each for a total of 4 classes. The Live Event will be conducted to only paid registered students.

Where is this course held? 

This course is 100% online and you will be able to interact with the audience and instructor after the lecture.

What are the dates and times? 

The classes will be held January 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th. All class live lectures are tentatively scheduled for 9am Central Time.

What will this course cover?

This course will cover the following topics during the specified days.

January 4th – Class 001 – Setting up for Stop Motion. From basic staging to lighting. Connecting your cameras and working in Dragon Frame stop motion software.

January 11th – Class 002 – Basics of Puppet Building for Stop Motion. This is a lecture and overview of the building process of making a stop motion puppet and all the must have essentials in both design basics and materials.

January 18th – Class 003 – Animation 101 – In this class we will cover the most important processes and methods that make up the ground work in animation.

January 25th – Class 004 – Animation 102 – This class will focus on performance of a stop motion character. There will be both pictorial and live explanations of the performance process in animating a stop motion puppet.

How much does it cost? 

This course is set at $75 usd but all students who sign-up before December 15th will only have to pay $50 usd. This is a special opportunity to learn from a professional animator and interact with the instructor.

Is there limited space? 

Yes! There are a limited amount of spots for the class and once the class is full we cannot guarantee that anymore spaces will be made available. Sign-up now or loose your spot.

Who is teaching the live lectures? 

The instructor for the live sessions will be John Ikuma who has over 20 years experience in television and film along with many credits working in animated productions for Cartoon Network, Adult Swim, Amazon Prime, and Disney.

What if I have to cancel? 

There are no cancelations or refunds. Because class is limited you are locking in a seat for the class. So you will need to make sure you want to take this course. However, the lectures will be recorded and if you arrive late or miss the online live sessions then you can always check the recordings which are presented exclusively for only those individuals who sign up for the class.

Can I watch with my friends? 

Absolutely! If you want to get together with a couple of your buddies on each Saturday in January 2020 and learn together then we definitely support you doing so!

What do I need for the class? 

Just a strong enough internet connection and the time to learn.

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