Clay Animation Course for Kids!

Clay Animation Course for Kids!

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This course is 100% online course designed for Kids (7 and up) and their parents. The program allows kids and their parents to work together and learn animation through the art form known as stop motion. The objective of this course is to give the students an fun and enriching way of learning how to make animation while engaging in an activity that is rewarding and enjoyable. Through exercises and examples students will learn the fundamentals of animation along with how to make their own short stop motion films and creation of their own YouTube channels to build their audience. Through interaction with other students in the online program and communication with the mentoring professor the program gives a very unique approach to helping gain confidence and knowledge in the art of animation. Upon completion of the course both Kids and Parent earn a certificate of completion. You can start the program at anytime and allows for the flexibility of both schedule and time by allowing students to complete the course in under 6 months along with being able to renew and extend the course for a small fee.

What is offered:

  • History (Intro to Stop Motion History)
  • Standards and Practices in Animation
  • Basic Camera / Basic Lighting / Basic Setup / Basic Delivery
  • Intro to Animation Styles
  • Art and Animation Projects
  • Animation Exercises in Clay, Paper, Pixelation, & Found Objects.
  • Interaction with fellow students through discussion group chats.
  • Access to Instructor for advice and mentoring.
  • Final Project for Certification.
  • 100% Online and Can be Taken Anywhere in the World!!!

Who this Course is For:

This course is meant to educate students 5 to 15 years of age and their parents in the process and practices of stop motion animation. Upon completion of this course the student should be able to plan, setup, and execute a number of animation techniques and movements. The course is a great option for those students that have no knowledge and want to learn, build, and refine their skills in animation.

What a Student can Expect:

On day one students can start practicing and playing with animation in the safety of their own homes. The very first exercises are based on setting up the animation stage and playing with the equipment (computer, tablet, or phone with free animation software). As the student progresses through the program they will be able to not just learn the techniques, but execute them and share them with their fellow student and or the world. Students will communicate with their peers through a secured online forum only available for students in the same class along with receiving access to a mentor instructor to better help and answer any problems they may have while taking the course. The program is designed to allow students to practice and learn animation in their free time while having a maximum of 6 months to complete all the exercises and activities to earn a certificate in the program.

The Lessons:

The lessons are setup to allow both kids and parents a fun an interactive way of learning by watching instructional videos and exercises while sharing their work if they choose with others. Each lesson covers a specific topic such as animating clay, paper, toys, their parents & friends, and found objects. It’s a great way to build a solid foundation of the practices and processes used in animation. There are no graded tests in this course. However all assignments must be submitted along with a final project to be accepted for earning the certificate in the course.


There are many software and device options available to students all over the world. However the most basic requirement is the ability to take images using a camera, phone, or tablet and then be able to upload the videos to a streaming service such as YouTube. There are many free softwares out there that allow you to use either a computer, tablet, or phone. The use of equipment is solely up to the student. This is to both safe on cost for the course along with allow the student to take the class anywhere in the world as long as they have internet access. The course is 100% online.

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