2021 Brings Big Changes to Stop Motion University

2021 Brings Big Changes to Stop Motion University

Hello and Happy New Year!

With a brand new New Year comes many changes and for us at Stop Motion University we will be having some major ones. First and foremost there will be a new website in the coming months with a lot more to offer our students and users. In the new site you will find more class offerings, zoom integrations, event schedules and forum activity areas. This looks to be an exciting new adventure in teaching for us and learning for everyone else. So stay tuned for that.

Second, we will be drastically changing how we approach teaching and learning here at Stop Motion University. We will be offering workshops and bootcamps as live instruction events where you can learn live from one of our teachers or guest lecturers, or you can sign up for individual classes and learn at your own pace. This is exciting since the workshops and bootcamps will allow us to expand the learning experience for our students while also offering fresh new content. Our self paced learning structure will allow students to learn on their own time and at their own pace while gaining the knowledge of a specific subject. We will be approaching these self paced classes differently as well and this will allow for more diversity in the subjects and make the classes more affordable for everyone.

Certificate Courses through our school are very popular and one of the problems we have discovered is that the courses get log jammed with content that is either too intense, too time consuming, or too advanced for many students. There’s also the issue of the a specific lesson not being very important to some students so they just glaze over it since they are not interested in that subject. Well not any more!!! We are currently planning, building, and releasing all new classes that are with in a pick and choose for our certification courses. We will be offering at first only 3 certificates which will focus on animation, puppet building, and vfx for stop motion. It is our hope that with this new structure we will be able to eventually have the school accredited by a national and international accreditation body. We will have more news soon about the new class offerings and hope that this will allow for more students to join our school and learn the art of animation.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon and we look forward to all of you having a wonderful 2021.

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