Your Certificates Are Ready!!! T1a T2a T3a

Your Certificates Are Ready!!! T1a T2a T3a

Hello Students!

Wow, it’s amazing to believe that the school has been around for 1 year now. We are extremely excited to start issuing certificates for the T1a – Beginners Animation, T2a – Beginners Puppet Making, and T3a – Animation Producing Essentials courses. Students will be able to receive their certificate once they have completed the course. They then just need to go to the course page and generate their certificate.

Your name on your account matters since that is the name you will have on your certificate. So if you use “Mr. Snuggle-Butt” as your official name in your account then that’s what will be on your certificate. So make sure you update your account information. User screen names can be whatever you want however and won’t printed on the certificates.

We will have certificates for our other programs soon so please stand by.

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