Live Sessions Start March 2nd – VFX, 3d Printing, and Puppet Making Classes

Live Sessions Start March 2nd – VFX, 3d Printing, and Puppet Making Classes

Hello Students,

We have jumped right into the Spring 2020 Semester full speed and some of the sections will be updated momentarily. So please be patient as we fill these empty sections over the next two weeks. We had a production for 4 weeks during the break and it really put the brakes on many of the updates we were implementing.

The biggest announcement here is that we will start conducting Live Sessions 4 days a week until all sections of the VFX, 3D Printing, and Puppet Making courses are filled with content. Like mentioned before there is an all new approach to the structure of the Puppet Making Course. The same thing is true for the VFX course. These live sessions won’t only allow you to watch the 1 hour long lecture live, but also be able to ask questions after the lectures. Each lecture will occur Monday thru Thursday from 10am to 11am Central Time. If you cannot make the lectures then you don’t have to worry because they will be recorded and uploaded to the respecting section of each course. If you are an enrolled student past or present for either the VFX or the Puppet Course then you will have access to the live sessions along with the course material that is being updated.

One of the biggest reasons for these live sessions is that recently our studio Casa de Animacion produced an animation for a big rap artist. During this project I saw many areas where my crew had fallen short of expectations and mainly this had to due with the lack of experience on their end and my personal lack of instruction to them on my end. So to both catch them up to speed and to fill the courses with updated content I find it necessary to offer you this opportunity to both watch and participate in these classes.

It is my hope that in the future we will have many live sessions for other subjects that will even better and further the knowledge of our students.

Email invitations to the Zoom events will be sent out soon.

Please check your emails and if you are a student who is enrolled in either the VFX or Puppet Making course and you don’t receive and email by March 1st 2020, then email us at


John Ikuma (Head Instructor)

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