Puppet Building Course – Big Changes Coming

Puppet Building Course – Big Changes Coming

Hello Everyone,

I am excited to announce that there will be some changes coming to the Puppet Course in January 2020. If you are currently a student of the course don’t worry you will be grandfathered into the revamped lessons. The main concern with the course currently is that the content is not being produced fast enough and in the right direction. After going back and reviewing the building methods in the course we came to the realization that separating the elements of puppet building will be more beneficial to the students in the future when they are designing puppets for their own projects. This is essential since everyone has a different idea of what they want to do when building puppets. So it makes since to expand on those areas which will be the cornerstones for any building and design project. We will still be offering the certificate for the course and it will be exciting to move forward in a more productive way where students will benefit the most from the implemented changes. I hope you like the new changes. Class offering for 2020 will be happening soon.

Where we will focus in sections:

  • What is Animation / What is a Stop Motion Puppet
  • Design Essentials (basics of design)
  • Puppet Types
  • Wire Methods
  • Block Methods
  • Ball and Socket Overview
  • Building Hands
  • Tie-Downs Overview
  • Armature Review and Design
  • Facial Animation (traditional to advanced methods)
  • Sculpting Overview
  • Clay Puppet Essentials
  • Molding and Casting Essentials
  • Build-up Puppet Overview
  • Foam Latex Overview
  • Silicone Overview
  • Urethane Overview
  • Plastics Overview
  • Clothing Overview
  • 3D Printing (Summery)
  • 3rd World Solutions in Puppet Making
  • Student Project for Final


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