2 Weeks in Texas…

Hello Students!

I wanted to drop you a note about the next two weeks. I had to head to Dallas Texas to deal with a family issue. My mothers husband had a mild stroke so I needed to come visit them and make sure everything was okay. Good news is yes they are both fine and he is functioning normally again. Bad news is all my equipment for making animation examples is stuck in Mexico City. So I won’t be able to do custom examples until after the 19th of November. Classes are still running and most of the classes should be able to advance without any problems.

The only class that is really being affected is the puppet making course which is behind due to supplies. I actually have supplies ordered and being delivered to Mexico City but the shipment keeps getting delayed due to customs. Ugh…. Should since it is just simple hobby building materials but it is so I hope to have that resolved by the time I get back. All other classes are a go and will have examples the week of the 25th.

Please feel free to message me if you have any questions.

-John Ikuma

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