LIVE – Student / Instructor Sessions!!!

LIVE – Student / Instructor Sessions!!!

Hello Students!

I wanted to announce to you that after testing the system and setup last week I feel confident that we can start running Live Sessions for each class! If you read one of my prior emails I had mentioned that the internet here in the office is terrible. Well we upgraded and I also did a little testing last week in a 10 person conference. This is great news because I really want to make sure that you are gaining the best information from the course and to be able to answer any questions you may have. Please keep an eye out for emails about LIVE SESSIONS coming soon to your inbox.

Also! Finally got a shipment of the puppet building materials for the puppet building course. I had searched for literally a month to find a source in Mexico that had the proper “Under Wrap” foam for making the puppets. Apparently the distributor stopped selling them to the local sports athletic stores and no one had them in stock anymore in Mexico!!! There were people selling them but it was all a lie since they had to be ordered from a source outside of the country by the person selling them inside the country. Talk about a bait and switch. Add to this I have just received some tools also that are key to building puppets. I’ll share those in the lesson. I hope to have caught up with the Puppet Making lessons by the end of next week. Sorry for the delay.

See you in Class!

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