Delay in Puppet Building Content… They will be Uploaded Very Soon!

Delay in Puppet Building Content… They will be Uploaded Very Soon!

Hellos Students,

As you may or may not know the we are deep into the Summer 2019 session of Stop Motion University. Everything system wide seems to be fine so don’t worry if you are not seeing lesson posts for the Puppet Building Course. While designing the course I intended to source materials and tools locally here in Mexico. One major problem occurred and that was that the specific material I needed for the course no longer exists in Mexico. Specifically it is a underwrap bandage foam that is used in many upcoming tutorials. The importance of this material in what we are doing and what we are going to do is extremely important. Currently, I am in the process of getting this bandage online. The other problem here is that all the online ordering services here in Mexico including Amazon list this item as an important from the USA, Europe, or India… Importing this item as a single $5 piece has shipping listing it upwards to about $50!!!! That’s just not right. So I’m looking to find an alternative brand, distributor, and system which is more readily available to everyone around the world instead of importing this specific item from afar. It literally is just a thin strip of poly foam and makes absolutely no sense to me why it’s not available everywhere that has athletes. And yes I checked all the local stores and it’s just not available. Also, fabric stores here don’t carry ultra thin sheets of poly foam like they do in the USA. Don’t worry I will resolve this very soon…

Add to this I’m currently in the final stages of producing the Issue #34 of Stop Motion Magazine and the intense search for proper materials and the work on the editorial side literally consumed all my teaching time for the puppet building class. All the other classes should be up to date. So those students shouldn’t worry. It’s just the Puppet Building class currently that is having the issue with the content. I have other materials on order for the other lessons so we should be back on track hopefully by next week. The course completion schedule will be extended to the end of December 2019 for Puppet Building so you students currently enrolled shouldn’t worry.

Last note! I received an email from a student having trouble accessing the Stop Motion University website via their phone. I have attempted to duplicate the problem and have not found an issue with my old iPhone. However we will be running some more tests coming up soon on different iOS and Android devices to see if we can lock down a problem that was reported. The Stop Motion University website may have moment of Maintenance where we try to address a fix to the reported issue. Please be patient if you see the Maintenance notice or you are having problems logging in. This is most likely do to upgrading and repairing the system. Thanks

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