Week 2 of Summer Session

Okay Crew!!!

This week you can plan on the following for the different courses.

T1a (Spring Students)- We will venture into Smoke Animation!!! The module will be uploaded on Wednesday July 24th.

T1a (Summer Students)- Pixelation and Found Object Animation.

T2a – Beginners Armature and Clay Puppet Module – This module will open Tuesday 23rd.

T3a – Production Environment – This module will open on Wednesday July 24th.

There’s a lot of content coming and I had to battle the website last week which set me a little behind. Right now trying to stagger the schedule a little so as to get the lessons to everyone in time and get caught up to the planned semester schedule. Thank you all for being patient last week with the software issue related to the site. If you are still having any problems let me know. Once I’m caught up we can start doing live sessions. YEAH!!!

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  • a_n_i_m_o_t_i_o_n_s Posted July 22, 2019 3:19 am

    cool.. I am just trying to edit my time lapse assignment to post today hopefully.. exciting stuff to come next.. I better get my skates on… spring students.. your lucky ones.. doing smoke animation sounds really cool…

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