BOOM! Repairing the Lost Lessons… Yikes… Water and Logo (T1a Beginners Lessons)

It’s almost like a bomb went of with that software nightmare I had to deal with on day one of the course. I literally have had to fix a new problem each day and though this may sound like a bad thing it has been good. For one thing I was forced to replace a couple of lessons and scan through the whole T1a Beginners Animation Course. Found a couple of links to videos that were now dead and I re-wrote two topics in the Water and the Log animation modules of the course. What a crazy week. This weekend I will be updating the four main courses and making sure they are accessible. Everything I hope will be accessible with no problems on Monday. fingers crossed.

As a side note I found this little gem of station ID’s for MTV. Okay it isn’t little since it runs for over 1 hour but it is awesome. Check it out!!! I love the 80’s!


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  • a_n_i_m_o_t_i_o_n_s Posted July 20, 2019 5:25 am

    well done John.. fingers crossed..

    I love the 80’s too.. I watched the first ten mins of the MTV link you posted.. pretty cool.. I especially lliked the Devil one at 9:22 – 9:33 that was awesome..and the armature cutting his hair, and the guy that picking his nose then gets run over by a car, there’s so many great ones.. and you can see how the logo evolved.. with better more advanced animation… MTV changed everything.. especially for us in the U.K. I think they were the first to bring more music video content over.. I maybe wrong.. but I remember MTV having a big impact on me.. 80’s were a special time all round… film, music, video, all of it… a great time..

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