New Site Profile Features and No More 404’s!!! We Hope!

New Site Profile Features and No More 404’s!!! We Hope!

New Site Features! Profile Customizations!!!

For many of you there is a need to customize your profile for the school. This is also very important in that we will be adding new features in the coming year to allow students and guest members to post project pictures to their profiles and be able to share and network through the University website. It’s also important for us since sharing your work allows for a great conversation about what is going on out there in stop motion land.

So we just updated and upgraded the profiles section of the site. Students should be able to now be able to  change their profile pictures. They are also able to friend request and message other students who are their friend in the class, group, or forum!!! This function will also be greatly improved over time so keep an eye out for these updates coming in the near future.

404 Errors Fixed!!!

After a long period of trying to lockdown some of the errors that were creeping up on the site it finally became completely unbearable and finally had to find a solution and fix all these darn errors. For one thing the sites software developer couldn’t fix the problem, the tech support couldn’t fix the problem. But guess what! I fixed the problem. So now you should not be seeing any more 404 Errors when traveling the site. If you do then please contact us right away so we can fix address the issue and have it fixed.

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