Fundamentos de Animación en Stop Motion es un curso para principiantes de nivel 1. Está diseñado para llevar a un principiante absoluto a través de varias configuraciones, estilos de animación y ejercicios de animación para principiantes. El curso dura 3 meses y al finalizar obtendrás tu Certificación de Nivel 1, en la Certificación “Fundamentos deRead more

Clay Animation Course for Kids!

Welcome to the Clay Animation Course for Kids!!! This course is setup to be easy, pezy, 1, 2, 3’sy… And be a fun creative adventure for the kiddos aged 6 to 99… We will explore the essential techniques in Stop Motion Animation using clay, paper, toys, and people. Along with having some fun making upRead more

3D Printing for Stop Motion Course
3D Printing for Stop Motion Course

3D printing has become popular as a method for producing all sorts of props, puppets, and molds for many stop motion feature and television productions. So what’s all the hype? For one thing the use of a 3D printer gives you the unparalleled advantage of producing visually stunning and unique items without the complication, problems,Read more

Visual Effects for Stop Motion Animation – Course

Stop Motion Animation is one of the most popular forms of animation in the world. So it is no secret that there is a lot that goes into a stop motion animation production. Visual Effects can easily be one of the hardest things to understand when producing stop motion animation. All those “free” tutorials youRead more

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