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Animation is one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the world. It comes in many forms and styles which can leave a student interested in learning it a little overwhelmed and confused. Stop Motion University is here to help. Through online courses our certificate program and private instruction from some amazing industry professionals out school allows a access to knowledge and skills only found in the professional animation environment.

Our world class animation courses can be taken by anyone anywhere in the world! We do not restrict you from learning and by offering low cost instruction we intend to allow those who have difficulty affording high price classes an opportunity to learn from real industry people.

Stop Motion Universities mission is to spread the art form of animation throughout the world and make it accessible to everyone willing to learn the skills necessary to make their own productions. All you would need is a camera and computer and you are pretty much ready to start animating.

So why “Stop Motion”? Well, to begin with stop motion animation is unique in that it can use every art form known to man. Stop motion animation is specifically a camera technique designed 100 years ago to give motion to objects that are lifeless. Yet in todays animation world stop motion uses CGI, 2D, model building, puppetry, production design, and pretty much every technique you would see in a live action production. The practical application of many techniques can cross into other production environments which makes Stop Motion University vastly different in terms of an animation school than the others out there.

We want you to learn and be able to do it anywhere at anytime without you throwing money away. Come learn with us and be part of our family.

An Industry That Believes in Us

Our online courses are built in partnership with industry leaders and are relevant to animation industries
needs. Upon completing a Online course, you’ll receive a verified completion certificate
recognized by animation industry leaders.

Popular Courses

ABC’s of Animation Course – For Kids & Parents!
ABC’s of Animation Course – For Kids & Parents!

  Enroll Now and Start Anytime!!! This course is 100% online course designed for Kids (7 and up) and their parents. The program allows kids and their parents to work together and learn animation through the art form known as stop motion. The objective of this course is to give the students an fun andRead more

Stop Motion Animation Beginners – T2a – (Puppet Making)
Stop Motion Animation Beginners – T2a – (Puppet Making)

  START DATE (JULY 2019) – Pre-Enroll Available NOW! Stop Motion Animation Beginners – T2a – Course (Puppet Making) Foundations of Animation in Stop Motion is a Tier 2a beginners course is a study in Stop Motion Puppet Making. It is designed to better enhance the students better understanding of characters through the various setups,Read more

Beginners Stop Motion – Tier 1 Course
Beginners Stop Motion – Tier 1 Course

Enrollment Available NOW! Foundations of Animation in Stop Motion is a Tier 1 beginners course. It is designed to take an absolute beginner through the various setup ups, animation styles, and beginners level animation exercises. The course lasts 3 months and upon completion a will earn their Tier 1 Certification in the “Foundations of AnimationRead more

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